Spring break a time to relax while still using common sense

by Simpsonian Staff

Booty shaking, wet T-shirt contests, alcoholic beverages and girls going wild. How successful will we be in asking Simpson students to behave on spring break next week?

These upcoming days of sun-filled fun have been much awaited by many students.

The past two months in the classroom with midterm tests, papers and study groups have all taken a toll on everyone. Not to mention the tedious bundling up before leaving the dorms to venture out into the frozen tundra, which for a while was Simpson College.

Now we have the slush and mud.

But next week many of us will have heat waves and sunshine somewhere down south, and we want you to remember that you’re representing Simpson.

Think twice before making a poor decision and try to act responsibly. Look out for your friends on those unfamiliar beaches, and remember to have some limits.

Next week many of us are going to have some of the best times of our lives – wouldn’t it be great to remember it?

Don’t leave your drink lying around and come back to it, and by all means don’t be the person that puts something in someone else’s drink.We hope that Simpson students will put safety first, or at least try to put safety first once during the week.

This means traveling in packs, bringing your cell phone and some sort of identification in case you get lost in the crowd.

Use common sense; don’t go home with a random girl or guy that you met at a foam party.

Exhibit good judgment while you travel to your respective destinations, and be just as cautious as you travel home.

Don’t do anything that Simpson wouldn’t be proud of, and if you do happen to do something that turns a few heads – tell them you’re from Central.