21 signs you’re a true Iowan

March 10, 2017

So you grew up in Iowa? Chances are, you grew up in a small town. Even if you’re from the capital of Des Moines, saying you come from a “big city” hardly holds merit. Living in this so-called flyover state has its perks, and sometimes there are downfalls. Here are 21 signs that you surely come from Iowa:

1. Getting stuck behind a tractor on the highway is a legitimate excuse for being late

2. At least one Instagram post contains the caption, “Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.”

3. Winter coat one day, shorts the next

4. Favorite yard game: bags

5. Going on vacation means going to Adventureland

6. Scotcharoos, tenderloins, Maid-rite sandwiches, and bacon anything are a food favorite

7. Being “Iowa nice” is a way of life

8. Eating fried EVERYTHING

9. Dodging deer is a skillful art

10. You cheer for the Hawkeyes, or you cheer for the Cyclones – even if you’re not a sports fan

11. You’ve met at least one presidential candidate nonchalantly (probably at the Iowa State Fair)

12. You know someone who has worked at Hy-Vee or Fareway

13. Explaining a walking taco to a resident from out of state is normal

14. Buying farmers’ crops via the honor system shows your integrity

15. You’ve attended a family reunion, graduation reception or even a baby shower in a church basement

16. If you plan on traveling, you know there’s going to be road construction

17. Someone in your family “warshes” their clothes

18. High school sweethearts actually last

19. Spontaneous back gravel road trips are surprisingly therapeutic

20. Measuring distance in time rather than miles is acceptable. For example: “I’m about 15 minutes away!”

21. Growing up, you wanted to leave, but in the end, you found it’s one of the best places to live

This article originally appeared on kcci.com.

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