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Our View: Forum events are a luxury

by Simpsonian Staff

April 5, 2014

Last week, former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson came to Simpson College to address the campus community in the annual Culver CenterLecture. While there were a number of students at the lecture, there could have been more present....

Our View: Be involved in your community

November 6, 2013

The Indianola mayoral and city council election was this week. The special election for Iowa Senate district 13 is Nov. 19.You, as a Simpson College student, are a resident of Indianola and Warren County. Yes, you may come from a different hometown, ...

Our View

February 20, 2013

Students Should Support CAB’s effortsSimpson College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is set to host rock band Every Avenue tomorrow in the Kent Center   barring any changes caused by the massive snowstorm expected to hit...

Our View

by Safety procedures need updating

February 6, 2013

Before we begin, let us remind you: this editorial is not meant to make anyone nervous. We have no reason to believe Simpson College has received any bomb or gun threats. Simpson Security and the Indianola Police department do...

Our View

by Support local music

October 17, 2012

Let’s give ourselves a minute to be disappointed. After all, when it was announced that The Ready Set would be performing in Simpson College’s Black Box Theater, we were all excited enough to have a reaction. Whether we were fans or...

Our View

Our View

September 26, 2012