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Floodwaters swamp Cedar Rapids, Iowa

by Wikinews

November 2, 2009

In the United States, the Cedar River continues to break records today as it floods Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The river is approaching its expected crest of over 30 feet, over 18 feet over flood stage and more than ten feet over the prev...

Environmental politics class creates voters’ guide

by Karl LangWeb Editor

November 6, 2006

The environmental politics class at Simpson noticed the lack of information about environmental issues available about the candidates for the governor's race in Iowa, so they decided to do something about it. The class, offered...

Politics should be like marriage

by Karl Lang

February 23, 2006

Does anyone, other than myself, wonder how we can have bipartisan politics within a partisan government? Our government consists of many political ideals, all characterized by grouping the people that hold similar views togeth...

Webb interested in politics beyond himself

by Jasmynne Sloan

April 7, 2005

Sophomore Nick Webb's voice-mail message plays 30 seconds of music before he admits the caller has reached the right number. It suits him. Webb loves music - at least, he loves other people's music. "I have no musical ability," Webb sa...

Professing Politics

Professing Politics

September 9, 2004

Politics explicated: What’s going on in the world, why you should care

by Mark Pleiss

February 5, 2004

John Kerry shocked Howard Dean with the "Iowa Bounce" and hasbecome the Democrat's leading candidate to defeat Bush. Cool, huh? Are you confused? Have you ever wondered what a Caucus is? Does the image of amysterious, ranting ...