The Simpsonian

Email migration brings new options

by Amanda Hintgen & Sheyenne Manning

October 1, 2011

A new email system brings exciting learning opportunities for Simpson students. The Student Government Association (SGA) proposed the change after requests from the students for more storage space. At the start of the fall 2011 semes...

New degree audit ‘similar to stoplight system’

by Erin Gerken & Kimberly Kurimski

October 1, 2011

Simpson's new degree audit now uses colors to help students plan classes and see what needs to be accomplished before graduation. "As we began working on the new curriculum, it seemed a natural fit to propose the new format fo...

Kent Campus Center construction has commenced and is ‘right on schedule’

by Sarah Stout & Meghan Vosberg

October 1, 2011

The Kent Campus Center is now underway with the area fenced off, bulldozers hanging high, and construction employees working daily. "From prior year surpluses, all this work is being completed with only $3 million in new borrowi...

Blank Performing Arts Center is ‘vibrant’

by Hanna Russmann & Mallory Tandy

October 1, 2011

The completion of the Blank Performing Arts Center (BPAC) renovation and expansion has received positive feedback from faculty and students. Simpson College president John Byrd said the renovated center will help in the theatre departmen...

Dunn Library reveals new catalog

by Erin Gerken & Amanda Hintgen

October 1, 2011

Simpson College, Yale Law School and the University of Colorado-Boulder can all claim to be among the first users of the new Encore Synergy 4.1 catalog system. Dunn Library recently purchased this new catalog for students that "s...

New accreditation regulations means more information for students

by Nicole Dillenburg & Sheyenne Manning

October 1, 2011

Professors and students are finding a new element in the syllabuses this semester: an hourly breakdown. The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education has reviewed the new curriculum to ensure that it is meeting the requi...

Palin makes stop in Indianola for Tea Party

by Kate Hayden & Jessalyn Holdcraft

October 1, 2011

Tea Party and Sarah Palin supporters braved the rain to attend the Tea Party's Restoring America event. The former Alaskan governor spoke for 40 minutes amid much fanfare and expectations. "I would like to see her run," said Ma...

Low budget impacts hiring at Simpson

by Victoria Jones

October 1, 2011

Simpson College is currently experiencing a hiring freeze due to budget restraints. The short-term solution for this is to freeze the hiring of full time faculty, which gives the college time to sort things out. Long-term solu...

Loss of Meints shock to campus

by Katie Anthony, editor-in-chief & Courtney Glienke, copy editor

October 1, 2011

After more than 52 years of teaching at Simpson College, professor of chemistry Dr. Cliff Meints passed away in his home Monday, Sept. 5. He was 81. "Dr. Cliff Meints was a dedicated and beloved faculty member at Simpson Colleg...

Simpson alumni to come back for homecoming

by Vic Jones and Chelsea Winegard

September 28, 2011

Simpson College alumni come back to campus Oct. 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for an event to help current students network and get excited about the future. The event, "Career Tailgating: Scoring a Connection," will get students...

May term receives new focus

by Sheyenne Manning and Erin Gerken

September 28, 2011

May term will begin to focus on experiential learning with hands-on activities offered in courses on and off campus. Under the new curriculum, students will be required to take only two May term courses to graduate. The change...

EPCC gets SGA reps

EPCC gets SGA reps

September 28, 2011