Floro and Ginger Know Best

by Julia Robinson and Erin Floro

Hey, sophomore Julia Robinson and senior Erin Floro here. Are you new on campus and need some advice, or an upper classmen with a question or two? Well we’re here to provide you with all the advice you could ever want or need. The question on everyone’s mind this week: Where do I go if I want to party?


Now for all of you freshman and sophomores who are underage, I am here to help.  As a fellow minor, I know how it is watching all the of-agers go out to the bars and get trashed, and you’re left wondering what to do with your young-self.  My answer to you: there is plenty to do, whether you choose to indulge in alcohol or not.

If you’re a freshman and haven’t been on campus for very long, you might not be as familiar with all of the happenings Simpson’s Campus Activities Board hosts for its students.  There is always an upcoming concert to go rock out at, a Wednesday night Hump-Day-Ha’s comedian to attend, or simply a discounted late movie only a few blocks away.  

When will all of these fascinating events be happening you ask?  

Well, on Friday, September 17th, at 8:00 p.m. the alternative rock band SafetySuit will be rocking the house – well, the BSC gallery that is.  Then, on Wednesday, October 20th, comedian Tommy Johnagin will be bringing his comic genius to the BSC Grill at 10:00 p.m.

Still need more to do?  CAB also hosts regular Creative U’s, which students can attend and make crafts, as well as entertaining bingo nights throughout the semester. But besides the usual, hosted events here on campus, there is plenty to do all around you.

Now we all know that Indianola isn’t New York City or anything, but we are conveniently located right next to Des Moines, so take advantage of it.  There are several “18 to party, 21 to drink” clubs a quick half-hour drive away, as well as malls, restaurants, and plenty of other entertainment – you just have to find it. Don’t be afraid to grab a few friends, or make some new ones, and go cause some chaos.


Now for my advice.  If you’re the big 2-1 and are looking to party, you’re asking the right person. There are plenty of places to get buzzed, bombed, or straight up blacked out, right here in the quiet town of Indianola.  Mondays are stressful, so start the week off right with a margarita from La Casa.  Even if you aren’t having a case of the Mondays, it’s a deal you can’t pass up.  Buy one get one FREE – enough said.  I’m usually speaking Spanish by round two.

Thirsty Thursday is next “on tap.” The Square has a plethora of options… Well, The Zoo and MoJos.  They are close enough you can barhop, multiple times.

I’ll start with The Zoo. The name of the bar does not disappoint, as it is home to the best bartenders, and not to mention $9.00 all you can drink.  Show up, slam shots, shoot darts, and shake your booty.  It’s the perfect place to bring your beer goggles and grind.  Best part of the night, free popcorn.  I personally love salty popcorn with a nice cold beer – and free stuff.

Looking to get down on the dance floor on Thursday nights?  MoJos is your place. They will play your jams all night long, and even take requests!  They have a special deal of $8.00 all you can drink domestic draw beer.  So, get blitzed and bump nasties.

Now there are a couple other bar options, but only if you’re brave enough, and want to get hit on by townies. If so, stop by The Irishman Pub or The Garage.  I myself haven’t worked up the courage yet.

If you aren’t a drinker, you’re missing out. But if you are, take my advice and wander up to the wild town square I’ve come to know and love. Too cool for town? Don’t forget that the big city of Des Moines is home to plenty of bars and clubs, and is close enough that your cab fare home won’t be too expensive.

Now, with all of this genius advice you have just received, there should be no reason you aren’t ready to get out of your room and get out on the town!  Good luck to you, you party animal.