FlipSide Face – Marcus Barnett

FlipSide Face - Marcus Barnett

by Tara Maurer

Marcus Barnett is “the life of the party.”

As a freshman basketball player from Arizona, Barnett is making a name for himself with his hard work on the court, and with his singing and dance moves off the court.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach Charles Zanders, who recruited Barnett his senior year of high school, said Barnett was an “outstanding” student and basketball player. Zanders was there when Barnett received the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Award, which was presented by a Simpson graduate.

“His mother was assured that he was going to a great place,” Zanders said.

Barnett is a point guard for Simpson, and Zanders said Barnett has a bright future.

“He will be an intricate part of our program as he continues to develop and grow within our system,” Zanders said.

Teammates agree that Barnett is a good asset to the team.

“Marcus works hard and is a competitor,” said John Cord, sophomore teammate. “He loves to crack jokes and lightens the mood on the team.”

What else does Barnett bring to the team? ?

“Marcus adds a lot of flavor to our team,” said Rawley Butler, junior and teammate. “He’s got a great personality with a mix of good work ethic.”?

P.J. Edwards, a fellow freshman member of the basketball team, was best friends with Barnett in high school.

“Marcus and I are like brothers,” Edwards said. “Everybody likes him because he is a humorous guy. I mean I can’t even say anything bad about him besides his singing. It’s a blessing to be around him.”?

What did Barnett say about his infamous dancing and singing?

“I dance a little,” Barnett said. “I’m a pretty good dancer. I don’t know if it’s going to sound good, but I’m going to sing it. I try to bring life to the team.”?

Barnett said the key to success is “giving it all you’ve got.”?

“If you’re going to do it go 100 percent,” Barnett said. “That’s the only way you’re going to get anything out of it.”?

Besides working hard, Barnett gets ready for basketball games by praying during the National Anthem and listening to music.