Changes Should Not Be Made Without Asking For Students’ Input

by Tyson Wirtz

Professors are always willing to let you know “There’s a test next week,” “Papers are due tomorrow”, and “There is a Forum Event tonight”, however they don’t seem to be the first to say, “There are major changes happening in the curriculum that affect you”. The way we find out about huge curriculum changes just happens to be right here in the Simpsonian after it is already passed. The bottom line; Faculty are making major changes and not informing students of any of the details.

One of these changes is getting rid of three credit classes. All 3 credit classes will now become 4 credits. At first you may think, “Awesome! Extra credits”. Actually, this means you will only be able to take 4 classes. If you chose to take a fifth class, you will be charged an overload charge, which isn’t pocket change, and the work load will be much heavier for every class. Some of us take 5 classes a semester and still barely complete our major and minor requirements as well as endorsements. 4 classes a semester could easily take away a minor or require an extra semester of college.

Another change is switching all Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes to 60 full minutes and Tuesday and Thursday classes to a full 90 minutes. This means classes will go 8:00-9:00, 9:10-10:10, 10:20-11:20 etc. This results in either less class times offered per semester, or cutting into afternoons already full of work and extracurricular activities. There are already a low number of classes offered in specific areas, why take away more?

This brings us to the biggest question, “Will students approve of these changes?” Possibly, but if the faculty doesn’t ask us they won’t know. These may be wonderful changes that will help me out a lot, but I have no idea because no one will inform me of what is going on. When I pay my tuition every year I feel proud to be part of the Simpson Community. The small college atmosphere allows a much more personal relationship with the professor. But if we have such a personal relationship, why don’t they ask us for our opinions? Let us know what you’re changing and let us give our input!!

The sad fact is, some members of the faculty don’t even know the details. Many changes that they make are suggested by a higher force and they are told to pass things and worry about details later. They have decided to pass the changes quickly and without all of the information. An actual phrase reported from one such meeting was to the effect of “We have built the ship’s floor, we will set sail, and build the rest while we sail.”

What kind of logic is this? We students are encouraged to do our research and not to commit to something we aren’t sure about, why don’t faculty follow the same standard. I’m not sure about the rest of you Simpson College, but unless I know what major changes are being made to affect my life, I want to get the hell off this ship.