The ‘Golden Rule’ Is Important for a Reason: Follow It

The Golden Rule Is Important for a Reason: Follow It

by Lauren Hodson

Treat others like you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is a simple concept that is often abused, ignored, and sent to the back burner. More often than not, people allow their ego and concern of social image to lead their tongue. The Golden Rule is not asking for a permanent smile or an open pocket book, but rather the act of thinking before leaping.

Classes at Simpson have been in session for approximately two months. The beginning of the new school year brought faces both new and old. Freshmen are often anxious about new roommates, a new environment and an unacquainted daily schedule. From dorm rooms, students disperse into classrooms, from classrooms to the dining hall and from the dining hall to forums, campus organizations and numerous other activities.

The campus and community is a constant networking system that thrives off of the energy of each participant. What is the simple remedy to creating a positive atmosphere and continuous connection? The Golden Rule is applicable to all areas in life. Experiencing difficulties in the work place? Practice reverse psychology by killing everyone with kindness. Spontaneously pick up around the office, lounge or try the famous question “decaf or regular?”

Mend bumpy relationships, keep them steady or make new ones through acknowledgement, the powerful trait of active listening and supporting compliments. It feels good when someone shares kind words, throws out a compliment or acknowledges hard work. Do the same by returning the kind gesture or beating them to the punch.

There comes a time when someone or a situation is so complex it is difficult to determine the appropriate solution or approach. Pray, meditate, think, view the world from their shoes and contemplate how to appropriately make a decision that will benefit the greater good. A smile is more powerful than words. A compliment could make someone’s day. The Golden Rule could change the way of life. Treat others how you would like to be treated.