Unstoppable’ Brings Great Cast

by Amy Johnson

“Unstoppable,” a story inspired by true events, takes the audience on a jaw-dropping adventure through the turns of a train barreling down the tracks without anyone behind the wheel.

Loaded with toxic chemicals, locomotive “777” is picking up speed at an unprecedented rate. It’s headed for a hairpin curve over Stanton, Pa., that will cause the unmanned train to derail, an unmanned train that acts like a missile the size of the Chrysler building.

Denzel Washington plays the part of Frank Barnes, a seasoned locomotive engineer who is serving out his last days after being pink-slipped. Chris Pine plays Will, the unwanted new conductor on the job. Frank and Will don’t see eye to eye right from the start as Frank thinks Will only got the job because he is related to someone higher up in the company.

Frank and Will have to get their acts together quickly in order to try and stop the train that is wrecking havoc for the towns in its way. The impressive duo decide to risk their lives in order to save the people of Stanton.

The acting is stacked. Washington and Pine create a great (and sexy) pair of leading men. It’s safe to say Washington still has what it takes to pull off some amazing stunts – the end of the movie is full of suspenseful jumps and an adrenaline rush for the audience.

Rosario Dawson plays the role of yardmaster Connie Hopper, a feisty woman left to deal with the aftermath of two stupid co-workers who decided to try and outsmart the train. She keeps her cool while dealing with a problem that never should have occurred. Her acting adds spunk to thriller. Each actor chosen in the film was chosen well and fit their prospective characters.

Unlike many movies, “Unstoppable” doesn’t seem to drag on. The plot keeps the audience entertained and on the edge of their seats. One drama-filled scene followed by another makes the 98 minute movie fly by. A train full of elementary school students is almost ran off the track by the runaway locomotive. In another scene, a man is hung from a helicopter and flown over the speeding train in hopes of him landing safely on top of the train so he can manually slow down the locomotive.

Another major plus is that the onscreen team’s family and background don’t take up too much of the screen time. Frank’s daughters, currently employed by Hooters, are mentioned. Will and his wife are separated. The movie doesn’t get too off topic by bringing up their personal lives; enough is added to give a slight background, but it doesn’t take away from the main point – an unstoppable train.

The only concern with the movie is that the first hour is spent saying how there is no way to truly stop the train. In the last half hour, the ending comes almost too easy and out of the blue.

“Unstoppable” is one of the best suspense thrillers of the year. The plot of the movie is unpredictable and interesting, but the combined acting of Washington and Pine make the movie stand out even more.