FlipSide Face – Selena Woodson


by Tara Maurer

Starting her second semester off just as quickly as she began her first, freshman Selena Woodson has no shortage of things to do.

Involved in many different organizations on campus, Woodson is currently a part of Multicultural Student Alliance, the Student Alumni Association, First Year Council (FYC), as well as the Student Government Association where she is one of the freshman Senators and a part of the Student Affairs Committee.

Woodson readily referenced her high school years as to her inspiration for involvement.

“I was really involved in high school,” Woodson said. “I was student council president and that influenced me to do student government. And, I wanted to put my name out there (and) do something for Simpson College that would leave a legacy.”

Woodson later spoke about her decisions to join the organizations she is currently a part of.

“I felt they represented things I would want to be involved in, and they do a lot for Simpson College,” Woodson said.

When asked what it was Woodson contributed to FYC that made her invaluable, FYC member Shanice Whitney spoke of Woodson’s leadership qualities and respectful personality.

“She has good ideas and she’s positive, which is a great aspect in a group environment,” Whitney said.

Steven Ramsey, senior class senator and sesquicentennial co-chair, believes Woodson leads through example.

“What I believe makes her an exceptional leader is her work ethic,” Ramsey said. “Everything that she has been asked to do, and that she has come up with on her own volition to do, have been done without question in the most professional, passionate and expert manner.”

Along with being an exceptional leader, Ramsey praises Woodson’s personality.

“There are a number of people who simply hold positions or titles that really do not do anything,” Ramsey said. “Selena is certainly not among that number. Even though she is quiet at times, she has a strong and resilient personality that bursts with a strong radiance that cannot be denied.”