Mishap with bookstore a quick fix


by Tara Maurer

The Simpson College Bookstore has fixed all book issues, store manager Kathy Magruder said, after incorrect orders caused problems for faculty and students alike.

Problems occurred for two primary reasons, Magruder said. Some students picked the wrong semester for their classes, causing them to get the wrong books. Another reason was professors mistakenly sending in the wrong information.

Tracy Lucht, assistant professor of communication and media studies, found this to be the case in one of her classes –– Gender, Race, Class and the Media.

“When I placed my book order for this semester, I knew a new edition would be coming out, and I indicated the new edition would be used in the course,” Lucht said. “However, I used the old ISBN on my order because I didn’t have the new one. The publisher sent an e-mail to the bookstore with the new ISBN, but not before the bookstore had already stocked some old editions.”

This situation was common among professors who received the wrong books, Magruder said.

“These are problems that happen a lot,” Magruder said. “Fortunately, it happens to a very tiny percentage of classes. For instance, we’ve got between spring term and term three over 600 classes going right now, and so far that I know of, I’ve heard of three classes where we didn’t have the correct information for books.”

As new regulations, such as the Higher Education Opportunity and Affordability Act, which requires professors to get information about classes to students before registration, are established more problems will continue to arise, Magruder said.

However, the bookstore promises to fix problems as soon as possible.

“We have a really good relationship with the faculty here, and as soon as we hear that there is any problem at all we contact the faculty and find out what the problem is and fix it as soon as possible,” Magruder said.

Junior Ashley Klocke was among the students who discovered problems with their books.

“It was a lot of runaround and inconvenience,” Klocke said.

One of her professors ended up printing off copies for all of her students due to books being unavailable at the bookstore.

However, Klocke said returning books was easy. The refund period is extended at Simpson to help students return the books they need with plenty of time, Magruder said.

“We have actually one of the most liberal refund policies that I know of in college bookstores and that’s really because we have three different campuses,” Magruder said.

Conflict arises when students try to order books early when books orders are subject to change.

“I understand that students need to be able to budget, but I also want to use the most up-to-date scholarship available in my courses,” Lucht said. “So there will always be give-and-take, I imagine.”

Students should check the website one week before class to make sure their books haven’t change, Magruder said.

If a book list has changed and the student already ordered his or her books online, the student can get a refund for the books he or she purchased first.

“As long as they bought the book from us, we’ll exchange it for the other one,” Magruder said.

According to the bookstore, all errors have been corrected.