Local cafe has much to offer


by Tiffany VanVolkinburg

The Crouse Café, located right around the corner from the movie theatre and just off the square, is a quaint diner with a true Mom and Pop feel to it. Offering many different genres of food on the menu, there is no shortage of delicious options to pick from.

When walking into the Crouse Café, the customer is expected to seat themselves in one of the three sections available. With the extremely friendly atmosphere, it was apparent why so many families had chosen to make this place their dinner location for the evening.

However, the atmosphere was not the only positive to this lovely diner. The food at the Crouse Café was very good. I ordered from both the breakfast and the dinner menu in order to gain an overall knowledge of the food quality offered, and I was not disappointed.

From the breakfast menu I ordered French toast, eggs, sausage and hash browns and from the dinner menu, I ordered the shrimp with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. The dinner combination was accompanied with a choice of salad or soup. Freshman Adrian Hawkins ordered the hot cakes with a side of American style fries.

The eggs and sausage were extremely well made, the hash browns were slightly undercooked, and the French toast was a little bland. The shrimp, from the dinner menu, was by far the best of all the food I tried from the menu.

On a more positive note, the portion sizes offered at the Crouse Café are extremely large. With most of the breakfast items ranging from $2-$5, the food is cost effective and the portion size fits the price. However, the breakfast menu is constructed in an odd manner, requiring the customer to order each individual item separately—they do not provide a meal option.

The kindness of the servers caused me to overlook some of the flaws that came with service. The food was brought out in a timely fashion, but when we were ready for our check it took the servers a while to make their way back to our table. This was due in large part to being understaffed.

Overall, Crouse Cafe was a great, cost effective place to eat within walking distance of campus.