Spring, parking tickets always around the corner


by Gabe Gilson

Spring is in sight and so is Peg. If you don’t know Peg, odds are you are among the extreme minority of students or faculty members on campus that has never received a parking ticket.

Rain, snow, locusts or lovely weather, if you park in the wrong parking lot, you will get a ticket. If you think $10 parking tickets are some of the most pointless things on campus and completely ridiculous for any broke student paying $35,000 a year to go to college, don’t tell the office of Security.

The new student center that will be constructed on campus costs $14 million dollars. That is equal to 1.4 million parking tickets, or as the office of Security would put it, a four week period where the monthly quota was hit.

Not to take anything away from any person’s work ethic, but I believe athletes on campus should study her ways. The work ethic of this lady is unmatched; very commendable indeed. If any All-Conference athlete wants to be an All-American, purchase a red bull (you’re going to need it) and follow her around for a day. You will learn a lot about how to straight-up do work.

How ironic it is that the hardest working person on campus also has the least important position. Do we honestly need to have a person employed that specializes in writing $10 dollar tickets?

How many times have you heard a fellow student say the following sentence, “Yeah, parking lady got me, and I’m appealing.” It seems as though every student feels like the writer of the ticket is in the wrong, nearly every time. I would henceforth argue that just because you are the hardest working person on campus, does not mean you are good at the job. Parking on campus can be a tremendous hassle, and the benefit of the doubt is never given in any circumstance.

As I approach graduation, I am happy for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is the fact I will have a degree and have a job in which I do not have to punish the poorest of people financially. I will have a job in which I somehow feel as though I am making a difference in the world, and not $ 10 at a time.