Dig deep next year, overload fees will hurt

by Simpsonian Staff

Registration started yesterday for classes that will be taking place the 2011-2012 school year. Are you now avoiding checking your mail because of the potential bills from the business office due to the new overload policy?

Don’t worry, we’re with you. We think that the price is too high for the overload policy next year.

In the 2007-2009 catalog for Simpson, it was noted that it was only $600 per credit for every hour you went over 16. Since classes were three credits, it was $1,800 for an additional class.

Now it’s $2,860 to take five classes. While we understand that the tuition increase undoubtedly had influence on that number, it makes no sense to make over a $1,000 increase for no additional class time.

In a faculty meeting, there was a proposal to extend class time in order to fully adjust to the new four credit courses, but the vote didn’t pass.

Essentially, we’re spending the exact same time amount in the class, and they expect us to work the equivalent of an additional $1,000 outside of the class?

It’s one thing to go in depth to fewer classes if there’s additional class time—it’s a different thing to have those expectations outside of class. With the curriculum as it is, there are already students who do the bare minimum (or don’t do anything at all) outside of class.

So why would these students change under the new curriculum without the change in the class length?

We do, however, agree with having to have permission of your adviser to have an overloaded schedule.

Part of going to a small, Liberal Arts College, is having an adviser who’s active in your college career and who cares about your decisions. Having someone to talk and having them confirm (or deny) whether you can handle the workload is beneficial and has the potential to reduce a lot of stress.

Advisers are around to make your life easier and to help you in your academic decisions—so use them.