FlipSide Face – Kristen Graham

FlipSide Face - Kristen Graham

by Julia Robinson

After attending high school in Indianola and graduating from Simpson College in 2006, Kristen Graham feels right at home working in the library at Simpson College.

“I do enjoy being on campus again, and I like working in a library,” Graham said. “I think it’s a very noble and worthwhile occupation. Also, my particular job in interlibrary loan, I like the challenge of finding articles and books from all over the world.”

According to Circulations Supervisor Karin Hooper, Graham is a “ray of sunshine.”

“She’s a great addition to the library,” Hooper said. “She brings a different perspective and a younger, fresher approach to things.”

Another co-worker, Serial/Research Librarian Liz Grimsbo, echoes Hooper’s positive comments about Graham.

“(Kristen) is a very professional person and worker,” Grimsbo said. “She brings enthusiasm and is Simpson alum, so she has experience on campus.”

Being on campus again has been an easy transition for Graham, who says, “It’s like being back in school without the test and the papers, and instead of me paying money I get paid.”

One part of being back at Simpson that Graham has particularly enjoyed is seeing the familiar faces.

“It’s been great seeing my old professors,” Graham said. “They welcomed me back.”

When she’s not at Simpson or at home with her husband and two children, Graham enjoys anything to do with the outdoors. She loves to travel, fish, hike and garden. One of her first traveling experiences was actually while studying at Simpson.

“My best memories of Simpson include my May-term I spent in Great Britain,” Graham said. “I visited Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. It was breathtakingly beautiful.”

But no matter if she’s been studying and working, Graham has made some of her fondest memories at Simpson College and enjoys being here on a daily basis.

“I’m working but I’m having fun,” Graham said. “My job has a purpose, and that’s so important to me.”