How to avoid Peg, parking tickets like the plague


by Ryan Franker

I have learned a lot being at Simpson the past four years. I’ve learned things in and out of the classroom, but the main thing I have learned is how to avoid Peg.

If you are like me and have driven somewhere to drop something off and come back after two minutes to see a ticket sitting under your windshield wiper, then you have been struck by another pointless parking ticket.

I have learned the ins and outs on how to avoid Peg.

If you all think the best way to avoid getting a parking ticket is to not register your car, then you are wrong. If you have already registered the same car the previous year, security has your information on file.

But if you have never registered that new car, and you get multiple parking tickets and send them back in saying that you were here just for a visit, security will turn your information over to the Indianola Police Department.

So, get a parking pass and learn from me on how to avoid getting those tickets.

The first thing is changing cars. I am on my second car of my driving career and my switch happened when I went home for the summer after freshman year. I was fortunate to get a brand new car. Lucky for me, there was a professor who had the same kind of car as mine, just a different color. Maybe she would just assume that my car was actually a professor’s.

I know the first thing is the hardest one to accomplish but I have plenty of other tricks to avoid Peg.

The second thing is to be sneaky about where you park. Peg is sneaky; you just have to be sneakier. Try finding a place that is hidden and Peg won’t find where your car is sitting while you go to class or what not.

The third thing is if you are too afraid to park in a parking lot, try parking on the street. I have learned some of the best parking spots on the streets where I always know are open. It is the spots with the curbs painted in yellow. If you make it look like your car is suppose to be there, then it will be there.

Never be afraid to park it where you want it.

Fourth: park wherever maintenance parks. Most of the time, they aren’t around so if you need to drop something off. Don’t be afraid to park in front of Kresge or behind the library.

If all of those spots are taken, don’t be too afraid to go and take the parking spots where prospective students park. You will only be there for a short time so it’s OK.

One of my favorite spots on this campus is in the Brenton Student Center (BSC) parking lot. It is the 30-minute parking spot. I have parked there almost every time I go to the BSC and have never come out with a parking ticket.

The best time to find a parking spot, and not worry about getting one of those dumb tickets is when the weather is turning for the worse.

Peg is usually too busy, or lazy, to go around when the weather is treacherous, with all the rain and snow we get. So you are free to park in any lot during those times of ‘treacherous weather’ because Peg doesn’t want to leave her office once the weather gets bad.

Don’t worry too much about getting a parking ticket because if she does happen to ticket your car, brush it off and say my common college phrase ‘put it on my tab.’

Be bold; don’t be scared to park where you feel like you should park.