A few ‘friendly reminders’ for fellow classmates


by Kelsey Knutson

This is the ever-so-coveted space that every editor in Simpsonian history has always craved for. The end of the year bitch-fest, the last hoorah for the Simpson Experience or the “What I have learned speech” can usually be found here.

I’m going to take a different approach. Whether it’s worth reading or not is really up to you, however, think about it, you won’t know if it’s worth it unless you read it. OK, keep going.

Instead, I’m going to leave everyone with a few helpful reminders. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh Kelsey, don’t be giving advice.” I am in no position to give anyone advice – I’ve lost my I.D., a $20 bill and my car keys in the last seven days alone, I am not about to tell you how to live your life.

Therefore, the following list is only a collection of friendly reminders. Well, some are friendly – others, not so much.

Everyone can see your social media. Before you hop on your Facebook to update the world on your latest break-up, hook-up or personal complaint session: remember that all sets of eyes will see it. We’re all adults and can do as we please, however, use a little discretion before you light up mini-feeds galore with the F bombs. Parents and employers can read what you have to share, but more importantly, so do your peers.

Save your money: don’t spend it recklessly. OK, on this one I’m speaking from experience. Sitting in the Admissions Office your senior year of high school with a counselor throwing out terms such as “loan” and “interest” – you don’t really care. However, when senior year of college rolls around it takes on a whole new meaning. It affects your life – in a very big, big way. Yes, even bigger than this new Kent Campus Center will be. Get a job and put money in a savings account. Better yet, have your mom put her name on that savings account: it works. Don’t believe me? Ask my mother – it has been effective.

Make some friends, and then make some more. The first group of friends you have will most likely always be your best ones, but there is nothing wrong with stepping outside of your box and meeting more. Meet the kids in your class, hang out with them and broaden your horizons. You’ll be happy you did.

Finally, do what you want. You’re going to have a boyfriend or girlfriend that others may need to warm up to, you’ll have an 8 a.m. class on Friday morning when others are heading to the bar on a Thursday night and you’ll have opportunities to travel across the world for semesters at a time. No one can make a better decision for you other than you.

Was it worth the read?