May term to offer variety of intramurals

by Lexie Hagerty

Jamball, mud volleyball, washers and bocce ball are just a few of the intramural sports that will be offered during this year’s May Term Madness.

This year will be the last year that May term will be filled with a variety of activities due to the curriculum changes beginning in fall 2011.

“This year, we plan on going out with a bang,” said Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and intramurals. “It’s going to be sad for those who have never experienced a May term intramural.”

Beginning next school year, students will only be required to take two May terms throughout their four years. This means that about 25 percent of the student body will be on campus during each May term. Therefore, not as many intramural activities will be offered during May term after this year.

“May Term Madness is better than all the rest, because there is a different sport going on every day of May term,” senior Taylor Helton said. “All these sports have great prizes and plus it’s usually nice outside and who wouldn’t want to be outside?”

Two new intramural sports will be offered this May term.

Wallyball will take place in Cowles on May 3 and 5. The first date will be open to anyone who wants to try it, while the second date will be the actual tournament. Wallyball is a combination of volleyball, tennis and handball and is played in a racquetball court.

Hoover ball will be the last event during May term. It is similar to outdoor volleyball only it is played with four to six pound medicine balls.

“Hoover ball sounds a little dangerous to me but should make for a good work out,” Helton said.

The intramural committee will test the success of these two new games to decide whether to keep them around for next year.

“Participating in these new intramurals will be a great way to test whether or not they will be a good addition to the already extensive repertoire of intramural games,” junior Brian Knake said. “The best way to determine whether or not a new game is fun is to simply play it.”

Knake said he tries to participate in as many intramurals as he can which is usually around one or two activities each month.

“I enjoy intramurals because I’ve always been competitive and I will take any chance I get to show off my athletic prowess,” Knake said. “Playing intramurals gives me a chance to get off my bum and get moving which prevents me from getting too fat and lazy.”

Darling said they look into the physical value and past participation of each activity in order to decide what intramurals to keep in the schedule.

“It has been an ongoing process,” Darling said. “We weed it out and find what works and what doesn’t work.”

This year’s May term schedule includes the following activities in the following order throughout the three weeks: jamball, walleyball, coed softball, mud volleyball, West Grand Golf, four square, men’s softball, pool tournament, washers, golf at Deer Run Golf Course, ladder golf, bags, bocce ball and hoover ball.

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