Shooting club comes to Simpson

Shooting club comes to Simpson

by Meghan Vosberg

Ready, aim, and get fired up for one of the

newest groups on campus: the Shooting Sports Club.

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“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>Many of the Shooting Sports Club

members grew up hunting and shooting recreationally with family and

friends, while others have only been shooting for a few years, or

have no experience with the shooting sports at all,” said Adam

Brustkern, assistant professor

of chemistry and advisor to the shooting club

“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>. “The Shooting Sports Club gives

these individuals the opportunity to continue in or be introduced

to the shooting sports in a safe and supportive environment while

they are here at Simpson.”


group aims to promote safe and responsible participation in the

shooting sports in a friendly and positive atmosphere.


high schools have clubs for those with a passion for the shooting

sports, and even the Summer Olympics has a category for

marksmanship. Simpson is now added to that list.

“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>Similar to those who compete in the

Olympics, the Simpson Shooting Club is trying to branch out their

skills to compete.

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“color: black;”>We hope to soon have the opportunity to not only

shoot in a recreational setting, but also in competitions,” senior

Sam Elsner said.


group is still trying to elect officers and work on a schedule of


“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>“Since we are such a new club, we are

still working on all of the logistics of how this is going to go,”

Brustkern said. “In the near future, we will meet to elect officers

and put together a schedule of events.  I would like

to see us meet as a group at least a couple of times a month at the

range for recreational shoots, while members with the desire to

compete would meet more frequently for practice sessions in their

specific discipline.”


regular time has not yet been set for the group to meet.

“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>“Since our group is just

getting started we are meeting at random times that are best for

everyone,” sophomore John Greaves said. “As for a set time, that’s

still up in the air until we elect officers. That election is next



prior experience is needed for anyone interested in joining the

group. One goal of the shooting club is to introduce new people to

any of the shooting sports.


see this as a way of helping to ensure that the shooting sports are

available for future generations,” said Brustkern.


group intends to do this by offering events that are geared toward

individuals with little to no shooting experience.

“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”> “The Simpson

Shooting Sports Club is open to students of all experience

levels,” Greaves said. “No matter if it’s your first time around

firearms or you’re a seasoned pro. As long as you share our passion

you are welcome to join us.”

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“mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt;”>According to,

marksmanship has inspired competition for centuries. Contests

originated with projectile and spear throwing contests and have

advanced into a highly competitive sport that has about 20 million

target shooters that participate in the United States.