New food service provider focused on healthy eating

by Sam Dearden

One of the many new changes on campus this year is the new food service provider, Chartwells.

Chartwells prides itself on focusing on the “Eat, Learn, Live” philosophy when choosing what to offer to students, according to the Chartwells website. The idea is that when people have access to healthy, nutrient-rich foods, they are able to retain more information, therefore enhancing their quality of life.

“We are trying to re-train our workers to go about things in a more nutrition enhanced way,” said Todd Matthews, food service director. “We don’t want things to be sitting around, not in use. Take green beans for example. We want to make enough for what we expect and if there is more than expected, we will make more.”

Student athletes are one demographic that has benefitted from Chartwells “Eat, Learn, Live” philosophy.

“Nutrition is really important to all of us as student athletes,” senior Alex McCarty said. “I don’t really have that strict of a diet. I do try to eat smart and (Chartwells) always seems to have healthy options to choose from.

The fresh fruit and salad bar are really nice to have when looking for something healthy and still tastes good.”

Comparisons are being made between the old food service provider, Sodexo, and the new.

“Have you ever heard the term ‘you are what you eat’?” junior Mike Munson said. “The old food service practically cooked the nutrients right out of the food.”

Along with providing students with more balanced meals, Chartwells has extended Pfeiffer’s hours of operation.

“We are running continuously from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.,” Matthews said. “This gives students options as to when to come in to eat. I remember what it was like as a college student, getting up 20 minutes before class. Many times breakfast was not available after class so you just would go without. Now students don’t have to do that as breakfast is open until 11 a.m.”

These alternative hours also cater to those who have late night schedules.

“Sometimes (our) practices run late and it is great knowing the dining hall is open and we can still find something to eat,” McCarty said.

Looking ahead to even more changes is a motivator for the staff.

“We are very excited about the future of the food service opportunities at Simpson College with the new Kent Center and the renovation of Pfeiffer next fall.” Matthews said.