Three years not a ‘true college experience’

by Sylvia Koss

Three Stand Arounds, three homecoming weeks, three football games versus Central, three May terms, three years at Simpson College.

By choosing the SC in Three program you are cutting down on the number of times you get to experience some of Simpson’s greatest traditions.

For some it is not a huge deal, but to me, it would be cramping my college kid lifestyle I have come to know and love.

For me the choice is simple, I will be here for four years despite the option of completing my degree in three. Even though my mind is set, I can still see the other side of things too.

When looking at my college experience from the financial side of things, I do have to admit that the SC in Three program is the best option. One year of tuition will be replaced with one year of making money – that is, if you can find a job that actually pays.

I am paying for my college experience, and I work my butt off to do so. I work hard for the experience of a lifetime.

By staying here a fourth year, I am racking up quite a bit more debt than I would if I graduated in three, but I am also gaining another full year of memories.

Besides, I have the rest of my life to work, why waste the only four years of college I get?

The memories I have made and will continue to make during my fourth year are ones that I will remember for the rest of my life. The midnight runs to iHop, Disney movie nights and random 2 a.m. trips to Walmart have shaped me into the person I am today.

Ok, maybe the professors and massive amounts of reading they assign have played a little part in that too, but you catch my drift. All of this has made my college experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

I cannot imagine cutting that short just to save a little bit of money.

I do plan on attending graduate school following my four years here, but I do not want to head off on that road tomorrow. I like the thought of working my way up to the next step in my educational career, so I want to ease the transition by staying a fourth year.

I do not feel like I am ready to make that giant leap just yet.

As for the working world side of things, it can wait. Do not get me wrong, I like having a couple of part-time jobs to occupy my free time, but the nine to five life is not exactly the most appealing option to me at this moment.

I want to enjoy my laid-back schedule for as long as possible.

I do not think this is a matter of me putting off the inevitable growing up, I think it is my way of embracing the true college experience; whatever the heck that really is anyways.

I just want to get what I pay for and I think that staying all four years will allow me to get my full money’s worth out of this place.

Sylvia is a junior integrated marketing communications major. She is a Simpsonian staff writer, the programming co-chair for Residence Hall Association and a Fampus campus intern.