How to make the holiday season memorable


by Kate Chamberlin


known as the most wonderful time of the year. The snow, bright

lights, joyous music and time with family are what make the

holidays so special.


giving is another essential part of the holidays. Stores and

advertisements try to rope us in with great deals and awesome new

products, but showing someone how much they mean to you doesn’t

have to be expensive or store-bought. In fact, some of the best

gifts can’t be bought at all. Make the holidays special for your

family and friends, and be the one who gives the ‘gifts that keep

on giving.’

Gift Cards


people say that you can’t go wrong with gift cards, but that’s not

entirely true. Gift cards are often given as a quick and painless

present, and can be a great way to make sure someone gets what they

like. However, they’re often seen as impersonal and thoughtless. If

gift cards are the way you want to go, there are a few ways to make

your gift stand out.

First, stay away from generic stores, and opt for a business that

applies to them in some unique way. If they love music, an iTunes

card could be an option. If they’ve had their eye on a new pair of

shoes, get them a gift certificate to a place that carries



you’ve gotten the gift card, find a creative way to give it to

them. Instead of sticking it in a small bag and handing it over,

include a personal note and their favorite candy bar along with the

gift and drop it off to their room when they least expect it. When

done right, a gift card gives someone the option to get what they

want, while still feeling like you put a lot of effort into it.

Make it from scratch


you want to take a more creative approach, there are dozens of

homemade gift ideas online. Does your friend have pictures all over

their room? Print off a few of the best photos of you and your pal

and create a photo collage. Fill in empty space by writing your

favorite memories or funniest moments you’ve had together.


you’re running out of time and have too many friends to make gifts

for, personalized Christmas ornaments can be a great option.

Do-it-yourself ornament kits are available at most craft stores,

and whether you make one or ten, it’s easy to tweak each one to

make it unique.


you don’t have a creative bone in your body, it’s still very simple

to make a homemade gift without actually having it to make it

yourself. One quick idea is to buy a Christmas mug at the store,

fill it with candy and candy canes, throw in a few hot chocolate

packets, a handwritten note and instantly, you have a cute and

thoughtful present that one of your friends will love.

Quality time

Running low on cash? Don’t worry – there are still plenty of great

gift ideas that are cheap or no cost at all. You want to get them

something they really love, right? Well what’s more special than

spending time with you? Plan something exciting you can both do

together, set a date, and clue them in on it. Whether its dinner, a

movie, ice-skating or a night dedicated to video games and pizza,

keep some of it a surprise until the day of your plans.


you want to take it to the next level, make a playlist or CD of

your mutual favorite songs and play them on the way to wherever you

choose to go! You can even decorate the CD and case and gift it to

them afterwards to remember the fun time you had together.



you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation without giving

gifts, volunteering is a great way to do so. Many organizations are

in need of extra help around the holidays, and would surely

appreciate you pitching in. If you want to show your appreciation

to someone specific, volunteer your time, energy, help and positive

attitude to someone you’re really thankful for.


time of year can lift spirits, mend broken hearts and make people

happy. However you choose to show friends and family you care, do

it with the right mindset and don’t forget what the holidays are

all about – being with those you love.