Students should be involved in hefty changes

by Our View

Every day, students, faculty and staff visit Holy Grounds in Dirlam Lounge to meet up for a cup of coffee, study for an exam or just to get a change of scenery.

Potential students are even given a walk-through of Dirlam Lounge during the campus tour. Holy Grounds provides a local aspect that students should be proud of.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is looking into remodeling the space to give it more of a “coffee shop feel” over winter break. We applaud this effort and hope this idea will be able to become a reality over the coming months.

This remodeling, if approved by the administration, could potentially take a large portion of the budget that is paid for by student fees. The project is mentioned in the minutes that SGA emails to students, and the SGA comment box is always available, but was SGA actually going to ask if students thought this was a good idea?

Another question is what will happen to this space after the opening of the Kent Campus Center? With plans of a Starbucks opening in the new campus center, will this discourage students from going to a local coffee shop?

Perhaps asking what students want out of the space before updating it may be a good idea. We’re all for the remodeling of Dirlam, but students should be more involved when it comes to that much of the spending.