Our View

When in Pfeiffer, be sure to stop by the Chef on Fire station and talk with Eric Dickson. From his easy-going nature to genuine interest in his work, it’s worth chatting him up and learning a bit more about him.

For instance, the fact that his main interest outside of cooking is jumping out of a plane at more than 45,000 feet might be worth knowing.

This fourth generation French chef found his passion for HALO parachuting while serving as a chef in the Navy.

If you’re lucky, he might even tell you about his experiences in one of the 92 countries he’s been to and what it was like to hit the water at 80 mph.

Dickson is just one example of the many employees here at Simpson whose personal adventures help to make students’ college experiences better.

Most college students wouldn’t think to ask any member of the faculty or staff about their experiences. Most would just see them in the position they are in and assume that is all they do.

So take a minute out of your day and talk to your professor about something besides class, ask someone in the Registrar’s office why they decided to come to Simpson or talk to a great chef in Pfeiffer Dining Hall.