Romney wins Warren County


by Grant Rodgers & Sylvia Koss

This year we may possibly have two of the biggest controversial figures that this country has had in a long time running for the position of President of the United States. One of them being Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan, and the other the incumbent president, Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden.

During the debates, discussions of foreign policy, economics, etc. were discussed and each candidate stated their case of what they would do if they were president.

According to Mitt Romney, there are many things that are big issues to his campaign; however, the top four would be: Romney’s five point plan, job and economic growth, foreign policy and smaller, simpler, smarter government.

Breaking down Romney’s five-point plan, it indicates five easy steps for a better government. For those that are not aware of the five-point plan, it includes: Energy independence, the skills to succeed, trade that works for America, cut the deficit and champion small business.

If these five points are achieved, things such as: Increasing the access to domestic energy sources, opening new markets for American goods and services and capping federal spending may occur.

Romney, being a former businessman, says that he understands labor relations and plans to improve the labor policy. Romney plans to guarantee that American labor laws create a constant and level playing field, which businesses can function on. Also, Romney encourages the right to either join a union or to not join a union, to exercise the free choice.

A smaller, simpler, smarter government may seem a bit odd for a presidential candidate to indicate that he wants; however, Romney does. In this plan, Romney was to lower spending so that the deficit will decrease. Romney has a set of “honest goals,” which indicate that he intends to cap spending at 20 gross domestic product and to return non-security discretionary spending.

There are other reforms the Romney/Ryan campaign plan to reform, such as: Heath care, Medicare and social security. To some it may affect negatively and to others, positively. But there is one thing both candidates are encouraging all Americans to do, vote.

Both campaigns have encouraged early voting or by absentee ballot.

November brings many things, but one thing it brings every four years on the first Tuesday of November, as American’s get to exercise their right to vote.