The Do’s and Don’t of first semester at Simpson College

Don’t miss out on events planned by CAB, such as bingo or different concerts. CAB events are a great place to meet new people and you can win tons of cool prizes!

Do take advantage of discounted late movies at the theater in Indianola Friday and Saturday nights. With a valid Simpson ID, your tickets will be just a few dollars. Whether you are taking someone there on a date or just hanging out with friends, everyone is guaranteed to have a relatively inexpensive and good time.

Don’t let Outside Scoop close for the season before you grab some delicious homemade ice cream. The shop is also owned and operated by a Simpson graduate!

Do get involved with some sort of organization! Find one that interests you or one you think could interest you. Organizations look great on a resume and are excellent places to meet new people and build relationships, friendships and connections.

Don’t ignore athletic events, such as Storm football on Saturday afternoons, where you can support your school and classmates.

Do go to ‘Yell Like Hell’ during homecoming week. At this event, different groups on campus compete with stomp routines and cheers. The event is held Friday night of homecoming and is one of Simpson’s oldest traditions.

Don’t always leave campus during the weekends. Simpson now serves as your home away from home. It is important to get acclimated to life on campus.

Do take some classes outside your intended major. Taking classes outside of your comfort zone can help you discover something you never thought you would be interested in.

Don’t close yourself off. Besides just taking classes outside of your comfort zone, get out there and try something new during your time at Simpson, whether that means becoming part of an organization, a team, etc. You’ll be happy you tried it after.

Do make sure you actually go to class! Professors may reward you if you are there and others are not.

Don’t forget about the Des Moines area! Being so close to Des Moines definitely has its advantages. It has tons of cool things to experience, such as the Des Moines Farmer’s Market, Brenton Skating Plaza and many unique restaurants.

Do explore Lake Ahquabi while the weather is still warm. You can fish, grill, swim and camp at the park. The lake is just a few miles outside of Indianola.

Don’t forget to get to know your professors and other Simpson faculty. Building relationships with the people around you will help you to be successful during your time at Simpson.

Do make sure to take advantage of resources on campus, such as the Hawley Center or the Writing Center. You can find a tutor for many different subjects if you find yourself struggling with class material.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. College can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Finding some activity that you can do just by yourself can help you to de-stress.

Do check out the new fitness center on campus. Exercising is a great way to relieve your stress.

Don’t miss out on intramurals. This is a great outlet for individuals who want to be involved in various activities ranging from badminton to sand volleyball.

Do get to know the community of Indianola. There are tons of cool shops down on the square and some really cool places to eat!

Don’t Procrastinate. You will be so much less stressed if you manage your time well and make sure to space out your assignments.

Do try not to set off the first-year fire alarms. Your CAs and classmates will be much happier without it!