Our View: Reliable internet a necessity, not a luxury, for college students


by The Simpsonian Editorial Board

If you are on Yik Yak, Facebook, Twitter or don’t hide in your room 24 hours a day, you know that Simpson College students have recently had troubles with Wi-Fi and registration.

The grumbles from students have come with little to no response from administration about what is being done to render the situation.

Emails were sent out during the troublesome registration period, but since then, the silence has been overwhelming.

Further, it is a commonly known fact that Simpson’s Wi-Fi is less than desirable. This has not been addressed at all either.

We know these complaints have appeared on social media, but perhaps it is time for students to make it known to administration that necessary services are not functioning properly.

If the washing machine is broken, maintenance comes to fix it, because this is a service we pay for as part of our tuition. Should this not be the same with Internet and StormFront?

These are both necessary for students. We don’t use the Internet to merely stream shows on Netflix. We use it for academic reasons. We don’t see registration as a joke. We want to get into the classes we need to graduate on time. Registering is stressful enough when worrying about getting into required classes; having to sit in Hillman Hall and be manually registered is simply unacceptable.

To the administration, on behalf of the student body: what is being done to ensure systems do not crash and technology functions properly, especially during heavy times of traffic? We deserve some answers and reassurance that things will be improved.