Pokemon Scarlet is Better than Violet


by Ariel Clark, Staff Reporter

As the newest installments of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were expected to achieve great things due to their advertisement of open-world gameplay and choose-your-own path style of adventure, which hadn’t been seen before in the franchise. While the game delivered to sub-par expectations and a plethora of glitches, many fans were divided over which version of the game was better.

Similar to prior games in the Pokemon series, the games had very few differences. Different professors and gym leaders, as well as a few version-exclusive monsters, were practically the only changes between each $60 game. Still, this didn’t stop fans from arguing whether Scarlet or Violet was superior. 

In Scarlet, the trainer meets the legendary Pokemon Koraidon, whereas Violet players can meet Miraidon. These two directly showcase the stylistic differences between the new designs chosen for each game. While Scarlet’s Area Zero grabs creatures from the past, Violet takes creatures of the future. As someone with a complete Pokedex (acquired by trading with players who own the other version) and over 100 hours in the game, I can confidently say that Scarlet is superior in practically every regard.

Paradox Pokemon, an old Pokemon that got redesigned into versions of their future or past selves, is one of the major things these new games provide. Thus they are something that should be regarded highly when deciding which game is better. In Violet, all future forms are metallic and share a similar shiny theme of becoming silver. Their names also have no flavor to them due to all of them sharing the theme of “iron,” followed by a body part or title to describe the unique monster. 

Meanwhile, Scarlet gives us a glimpse into the past (similar to the game Legends: Arceus, which introduced Hisuian forms). These past forms give a deeper lore into how Pokemon evolved into their versions of today, as well as giving them unique names such as Scream Tail and Roaring Moon. Scarlet’s forms aren’t limited like Violet, since it needs to revolve around technology and metal. Instead, Scarlet is able to showcase a design that isn’t forced to be the same as all the other paradox Pokemon. This makes each new monster unique and different enough to provide players with eye candy rather than finding a metal version of the same Pokemon they’ve seen a thousand times.

The story doesn’t differ much aside from certain characters the players meet. Therefore, it should be up to the legendary Pokemon and the new paradox forms to determine which game is superior. While Miraidon is praised for being purple, Koraidon’s design is akin to that of the Aztec Quetzalcoatl. It is provided with a shiny form that makes it look even better (compared to Miraidon, which gets the same shiny treatment the paradox versions do, where it simply becomes silver). Because of this, I believe that Scarlet is better in terms of creativity and design and should be considered over Violet for people who intend to play the game past the initial storyline.