To start the year off, you will bring happiness to others. However, make sure to control your emotions and actions to continue this spread of happiness. 


Your career may bring a heavy workload. However, this may bring financial success and travel in the future. 


This year may bring difficulties, but your troubles will get fixed, and if handled correctly, you will be rewarded. 


You may focus too much on financial gain and relationships may suffer by doing so. It would be wise to focus on balance this year. 


At the beginning of the year, you may be successful. However, remain focused in hopes no misfortunes will come your way. 


You may experience good fate this year, creating a positive atmosphere. If you put in the effort, you will be a successful student. 


With hard work, you may be able to purchase a dream item. However, during this time, relationships may be put to the test. 


This year will be a fortunate one with courage and risks. You may receive great success in the business aspect of life. 


This year will be about bravery, strength and using caution with your relationships. With this, you may work towards being physically healthy. 


You will have to be courageous to bring success this year. Your relationships will expand, and your family will flourish. 


Keeping your eye on expenses will be critical to keeping financial issues away. With discipline, you may meet new people. 


Both ups and downs will come to you this year, so it may be in your best interest to exercise caution. You will then experience relief from the downs.