Review – Weekend Breakfast at Pfeiffer


Kendra Campbell

Review over Pfeiffer Breakfast on Sunday November 6th.

by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

With the controversy over Pfeiffer breakfast and especially weekend breakfast, I decided to go check it out myself.

On Sunday, November 6th, the main meal was a sausage patty, French toast, potatoes, and eggs. 

The sausage patty was well-cooked and juicy with a small amount of spice. Potatoes needed some salt or seasoning, but the texture was good. The French toast’s texture was also spot on. However, sadly, it was cold and very bland. Now the least impressive item for the main dish would be the eggs. They were bland and cold; no matter what I put on them, it was just awful. I could only finish one item on the main dish: the sausage patty, giving the main dish a 2.5/10.

The next station was more impressive with the variety of fruit, yogurt, and granola. The fruit mix was grapes, pineapple, blackberry, cantaloupe and muskmelon. A majority of the fruit had fantastic taste and was significantly cut. The only complaint was that the grapes had a lot of squished and brown ones in the bowl. An idea to prevent this is to swap the grapes out instead of letting them sit out the whole time or keeping them old. There are no complaints about the yogurt and fruit.

The next best thing on the list was cereal. Pfeiffer had Chex, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs and Frosted Flakes. All the cereal was terrific and not stale, so that was a bonus. The milk was cold and they also had chocolate milk, another bonus.

A surprising twist to my regular Pfeiffer breakfast was the scones. These are not typically my first choice when it comes to breakfast food. However, I was surprisingly impressed. Pfeiffer has an assortment of blueberry, cinnamon, and chocolate chip scones. The best scone would be the chocolate chip because it was soft, had good taste, and was not dry. The other two were a little dry but still edible.  

An everyday part of the breakfast is the waffle irons. I think there are no complaints about the waffle iron. It had easy directions and was simple to use.

Overall, I would say the main dish was lacking the most. In contrast, the sides are the most consistent throughout. This is the problem. 

After all, when going to Pfeiffer, I typically do not want the best part to be the fruit and cereal because I could just eat that in my apartment.

What ruined my final score would be the French toast and the eggs. The cereal and fruit brought the score up with little to no complaints. I gave the total for Sunday, November 6th, a 7.5/10.

From my experience, I would say breakfast is the best meal served at Pfeiffer. In the past, I would say Pfeiffer had more main dish options with oatmeal and biscuits and gravy as an option on top of the French toast. If that came back, maybe the score would increase a bit.