by Kyle Werner, Staff Reporter

Aries: You may have a fog settled around you, making it hard to decipher what good lies around you. There are no shortcuts to success, so make sure to take extra care of what you currently have. 

Taurus: Your goals are within your reach; you can take risks, and they will reap great rewards. Your accomplishments will soon manifest in full.

Gemini: You must work hard in order to make way for success. Opportunities that will set you on the right track are coming near. Keep an eye out for them.

Cancer: You will discover new things about yourself and those around you, ensuring a new perspective on life to come your way. Prioritize this new perspective.

Leo: You are strong and know how to navigate difficult challenges, do not forget this, as obstacles may lie in the road ahead of you. Stability and perseverance are your friends this week.

Virgo: It is a good time to invest in yourself, so make sure to only give your time only to those who have deemed themselves worthy. This will enable the opportunity for prosperity.

Libra: Use your natural charisma and confidence to stabilize yourself in turbulent times. You must be prepared in this way for the weeks ahead in order to see success.

Scorpio: This week, you will see how the stars align for your work-life balance. Utilize this time to see success in ways you have never thought possible. 

Sagittarius: This is a time for self-reflection. You will see satisfactory outcomes once you are able to put yourself first in what may be trying times. 

Capricorn: Use all of the resources you have worked towards, for this is the time to put them to use. Your hard work will soon pay off, and your success will be off the charts. 

Aquarius: Make sure to listen to those around you this week, for you may need to cast aside what your past has painted for you. Don’t lose your focus; use this time to grow. 

Pisces: Advice given to you at this time will be effective in your success trajectory. You will have the chance to take the reins. Use this power wisely.