Costumes for a Cause


by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

Do you have Halloween plans? Want an excuse to dress up? No problem. Pi Beta Phi is throwing a Costume for a Cause party.

The annual Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi) fall party is now open to all of campus. The party will be held in Black Box on Oct. 29 from 8:30- 11:00 p.m. 

The theme? Cowboys vs. aliens. 

Pi Beta Phi is hosting the event to raise money for Read > Lead > Achieve, the Pi Phi philanthropy effort to promote literacy. 

You can support these efforts with a five-dollar entry fee, either cash or Venmo.

Elise Skelton, a Pi Phi junior, noted how you can support Pi Phi’s philanthropic efforts and celebrate spooky season.  

“Since it is on Halloween weekend, it gives everyone something to do if they do not have plans already and a great excuse to dress up,” Skelton said. “Not to mention it is for a great cause.”

The party will have a photo booth, fruit punch and a DJ from the local wedding service, “A Special Event DJ & PhotoBooth.”

Hannah Mulligan noted the process of how the theme of cowboys vs. aliens came to be. 

“When thinking about costumes, we wanted to be careful with cultural appropriation,  being inappropriate, or insensitive towards any campus groups or anyone in general,” Mulligan said. “So, we thought cowboys vs. aliens limits any negativity you could have towards the costumes while still giving people the creative freedom to dress up and be something unique.” 

There will also be a costume contest, with the winner receiving a prize. However, the prizes are secret—you can only find out if you attend Costumes for a Cause.

“I’m excited to open it up to campus and get more people involved to support Read > Lead > Achieve,” Mulligan said.