Is Twelve Team Playoff’s a Good Idea?


by Braeden Graham, Staff Reporter

As many of us know, the College Football Committee announced on Sept. 2 that the college football playoff will expand to a 12-team playoff in 2026, as opposed to the current four-team playoff.

Right now, there are seven different power conferences that compete for one of the four spots in the playoffs at the end of each season. Having only four teams makes college football, as a whole, far more competitive.

If only four schools make the playoffs out of seven conferences, that drives competition higher. Winning one of the better conferences gives you a very good resume for the Committee to select your school for the playoffs.

Taking the playoffs to 12 teams will make competition fall. There will be less in-conference games, which makes the entertainment go down. If you look at the SEC teams, for example, most of the teams are really good. Because of this, the teams that aren’t in that conference want them to play each other so they can generate losses for the best conference with the best teams. Take that away, and it will just be an SEC-dominated 12-team playoffs.

Another thing that makes this 12-team playoff sound bad is the number of injuries it will create for the players that are hoping to get a chance at the next level in the National Football League. Right now, there are two games for the four teams in the playoff, and then the winner of both moves on to the national title where they play each other.

A 12-team playoff will create more injuries because you would have six different games to start the playoffs, all without a bye I am assuming. Players will already be getting banged up in a game with far less competition and meaning than the current four teams. After the first round, it would be another three games, and then the best team would have a bye. Then the winner of the next round would be admitted into the national title and then play the team that has a bye during that last round.

I am not a hater, but it seems like a lot at once to transition like this. The College Football Playoff was a recent thing, and to already multiply the team amount by three is a big jump in my opinion.

I agree that there needed to be more teams added, but not twelve teams. I think six teams is the perfect number for a playoff. It gives the winner of almost every big conference a chance to make the playoffs all while still allowing conferences to play just as many in-conference games and limit injuries for the players we so lovingly like to watch play the game on Saturdays.