by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Writer

Aries: Take this week to get things done. You will be able to conquer your goals and learn new things about yourself. 

Taurus: Pamper yourself this week. You have been working hard and deserve some time to relax.

Gemini: It is time to cut people off who are not there to support you. Don’t tend to someone who never keeps their promises.  

Virgo: Expand your social group. Who knows, finding new friendships could change your life for the better.  

Libra: Keep working towards your goals. It will all pay off in the end.

Scorpio: Listen to what your body is telling you. If you need a break, then take the time to relax.  

Sagittarius: You have been avoiding the tasks at hand. Take this week to focus and work hard on checking them off your list.  

Capricorn: Take the week to relax and have some fun. You have been working hard and deserve it. 

Aquarius: Spring is here; take some time to clean and tidy up. You will feel a lot better once it’s done.  

Pisces: You have been distancing yourself. Show those you love how much you care for them.