Horoscopes: Jan. 20-27

Horoscopes: Jan. 20-27

by Paige O'Connor, Photo editor

Aries – This is your time to be fearless, brave and overcome the challenges on the path forward. The sky is not your limit, so be ready to reach past it when the moment is right. 

Taurus – You are dependable and responsible, but make sure to take care of yourself. There is so much you are capable of, so ready yourself for amazing changes to happen.

Gemini – There is a great opportunity coming your way, so don’t regret not taking it. You are so ready for this, but taking things slowly will help you achieve more in the long run.

Cancer – You might find your roots are growing deep and wide. Soak up those nutrients but be sure you are getting everything you need for the greatest chance of success. 

Leo – You are strong and capable of taking the first step forward. Your heart is full; use that to strengthen someone else. 

Virgo – Your happiness is worth the time and effort. Get a new perspective on things to move yourself forward.

Libra –  Having stress while taking a break is not a true way to rest. Take one day to weigh the scales evenly and find your peace again.

Scorpio – That tough outer shell of yours is protecting you well, but maybe a little too well. Be open with someone new in your life to grow yourself. 

 Sagittarius – The cold is coming again but that won’t stop you from tackling it head-on. Build yourself as you would a snowman: a strong base, a solid core and a smile on top.

Capricorn – Environmental cleanliness would greatly improve your mood. Doing the little things will add up to be one strong feeling of accomplishment.

 Aquarius – Take some time to assess the green, yellow or red flags in your life. Personal reflection will help you become the best you can be.

 Pisces – There are a lot of new changes in your life which might make things a bit crazy. Take a breath, make a list and conquer one thing at a time.