Letter to the Editor: Kappa Theta Psi goes co-ed


Drew Lundquist

As of Spring 2021, Simpson’s local fraternity Kappa Theta Psi has gone co-ed in a step toward inclusivity.

by Kappa Theta Psi , Special to The Simpsonian

Kappa Theta Psi, Simpson’s storied local fraternity, has recently made the move to open its doors to all students as of the Spring of 2021 to pave a pathway for the future of Greek Life, giving all students an opportunity to become part of a larger community. 

In recent years, Kappa Theta Psi’s mission has been one of inclusivity, and this is the next step in achieving that goal. Additionally, this decision follows the Fellowship’s 2018 constitutional revision extending membership consideration to all male identifying persons. The current members of the house have deemed it the next logical step to make Simpson’s Campus more inclusive.

Our Fellowship seeks to drastically redefine the role of Greek Life in modern academic environments as bastions of social progress and personal betterment, just like the greater Greek Community. The members of the house acknowledge the negative stereotypes about Greek Life portrayed in the news and mirrored in popular media. Rather than shy away from this challenge, Kappa Theta Psi has resolved to make strides towards changing its fundamentals then progressing to bettering itself like the other Greek organizations on campus. The house wants to use this opportunity to change for themselves and to allow more voices and perspectives to help change the house.

Kappa Theta Psi has always been a unique entity on Simpson’s campus, being independent of a national chapter. The lack of overarching obligations means that the members are beholden to the house and thus the Simpson community. Time and resources are dedicated to realistic, tangible objectives which immediately serve the community, and champions member’s personal abilities.

Many of our current members had no initial intention of joining the greater Greek community until they had all been introduced to Kappa Theta Psi; the house sought to give these individuals a home then and still strive to reach out to the rest of the student body. Many members found opportunity within the house, and the communal support of the house only emboldened its members to reach for greater opportunities. Within these last few years, many communities have fought to find footing in a world in which they must reconcile with a diverse population, while Kappa Theta Psi looks to embrace the world and all its changes, as stated before. We strive to break new ground and expand our horizons for all members. With the recent outreach from current members to alumni, the house has strengthened its hold and networking capabilities to enrich not only the college careers of its members but their futures as well. 

When asked of her reasons for joining Kappa Theta Psi, Maslin Boten had said:

“Ever since my freshman year, I felt at home in the KOY house and with KOY members, I have been to other sorority houses and felt awkward there and didn’t vibe well, it isn’t that I didn’t have friends in these organizations, I just personally felt better with KOY. The KOY house helped me feel safe and comfortable; I can nap on the couch in the common area and not fear for my life. For the last four years, I have done a lot for KOY and gone to events despite me not being a ‘full member,’  so it was about time I got my bid.”

The house and all our members continue to move towards making social improvements and connections throughout the greater Simpson body of students. With this academic school year, it is our collective goal to give Simpson students who may have been barred acceptance into a fraternity or sorority a chance to join Greek Life and make lifelong connections with fellows who find strength and acceptance through their identities. 

Kappa Theta Psi welcomes the chance to grow and develop into something greater than what it is already. The organization is ready and here to allow the voices of all students to be heard and to become part of a unifying organization that will find power in the diversity of its members.