Horoscopes: Sept. 9-16

Horoscopes: Sept. 9-16

by Max Bertrand, Staff Writer

Aries: Keep progressing through any accomplishments you made during the Aquarius moon that occurred two weeks ago. Doing so may counter any stress you may feel with the Cancer moon. It might also put you in good humor with friends and family members. You strive to be helpful to others. Yet, you may not always know how to be at times. It’s essential to listen. Sometimes that is the most beneficial quality that you carry with you. 

Sagittarius: It is crucial this week that you maintain a good balance between your social life and work life. As the sun is in Virgo, you may get caught up in high work energy that may make you feel run down. If your schedule allows you to take some time to relax or hang out with friends, take the opportunity. Balancing a healthy work-life will benefit you this week. 

Leo: The Cancer moon this week might make you more attentive to your needs as well as your health needs. With the moon in Cancer, you may get offers to hang out with fellow friends and acquaintances. Be sure to snag any opportunities to leave your home and get some fresh air. Your energy may be feeling relatively low, but take it with pride if you are handed opportunities to get out and smell the flowers. 

Virgo: Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! You may ponder limits this week. The Virgo sun moves into good correlation with Uranus, which may work well in your favor. A change in your behavior might make you more aware of your surroundings. With the sun and Uranus placement, it might be a great time to make a bold mood. 

Taurus: You might be pondering change this week. The sun is in Virgo, so contemplation of how or when you might want to add some transition to your life may cross your mind. If you decide to break away from your path, don’t worry too hard about risking your friendships. Make sure to maintain honesty with your loved ones this week. 

Capricorn: Security is a massive issue for you this week. Don’t let the negativity inside you get in the way of your goals. Make sure that at all costs, you monitor any unwelcomed feelings because they can take over. The sun this week is moving into good correlation with Uranus. Keeping the sun in mind, you should maintain all of your concerns and worries. Later in the week, be sure to ponder what securities you find beneficial to counter any doubts that may cross your mind as the week continues. 

Cancer: On Wednesday, the moon will move into Cancer. Your sensitive and emotional side will shine in all colors. You may be feeling cautious with words and situations, but not to worry, your heart is in a good place. Keep an open mind to problems that may come in your direction this weekend. Everything can be an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Scorpio: Control is difficult for you on an everyday basis. Since the sun is in Virgo, it might trigger some helpful thinking patterns for some future problems you may encounter. Don’t feel frustrated if you feel lost and maybe losing the love of some dreams you may have had in the past. Here soon, you may encounter a new path that will lead you to a more prosperous and happy route. Make sure this week to be open and honest in relationships. Do not tell them what they want to hear but what they need to hear. 

Pisces: Mars is in Virgo this week. Your time to get projects or passions going is prime. Since Mercury is in Libra, where Venus usually is, you might, on the contrary, feel restless at moments. Make sure to channel positive attitudes as situations may feel out of control or irritating. If you can find a good silver lining in the case, good outcomes will flow your way. You are genuinely an innovative thinker. Try to channel your creative thinking into getting positive and good results. 

Gemini: The moon is in your favor this week. You might be feeling more social and tentative as the week goes on. It is the perfect time to show off your charm and wits. Spark new friendships and possibly relationships. Never feel like you have to hold back true quality traits because you feel like you may not be accepted. You are constantly wondering if you should let opinions slide out in conversations. As a true believer in diversity, you may feel your ideas could compromise friendships. Make sure your quality traits shine this week. Do not hold them back in social situations. 

Libra: There might be a lot going on this week mentally for you due to Mercury entering Libra. If something feels confusing, you will do whatever it takes to make sense of the matter. You might encounter moments where you feel as if you have no control over a situation. Moments of feeling powerless are relatively crucial because they can be good learning opportunities for you. Letting go of some concerns and worries may open the door to new daily routines that may end up making you feel more comfortable. Feel free to switch up daily patterns you may possess. 

Aquarius: Your level of motivation is on the down-low this week, and your energy levels are low. Be very mindful this week where you put your energy and time. On the other hand, your communication might be more substantial this week because Mars is opposite Neptune. Make you invest in people who will listen to you. You might have experienced feelings of loneliness and isolation. Make sure to keep busy so that your body and mind can stay at ease.