Women and Gender Resource Center adapts to new guidelines


Photo by Amelia Schafer

by Seth Howard, Video Editor

With COVID-19 stifling the Women and Gender Resource Center’s plans for having new members this year, the house still hopes to be recognized on campus as being a safe space for all.

Sophomore Destyni McVey, a member of the Women and Gender Resource Center, wants to make the theme houses on campus known and allow others to be involved with the house.

“I’d like to think of it as a glorified club, in our case at the Women and Gender Resource Center, we want to make it a safe space for everyone,” McVey said. “We are a family as house members, and we want to include other students on campus in the events that we host, which might open the possibility to extend that family.”

McVey joined WGRC for those same reasons of inclusivity and a safe space for everyone.

“My partner and their best friend lived in the house last year, and I really enjoyed helping spread the word for the events,” McVey said. “I loved the idea of creating a family with not just my house members but with other members of the LGBTQ+ community and the allies we have. But also focusing on gender inclusivity and educating students on important subjects that aren’t talked about much.”

Being inclusive is something that WGRC prides itself on. McVey explains that their house wants to be a space to talk about uncomfortable topics.

“Within our theme house, we are very set on inclusivity and supporting others,” McVey said. “We want other students to know that no matter who you are, you have space with us. We want to educate students and include students in conversations about things that usually make some people uncomfortable but are still important. For example, sex education, menstruation, LGBTQ+ topics, racial issues, and injustices.”

COVID-19 has affected millions of people this year; WGRC is no exception to being effected. WGRC had big plans for this year, but the pandemic has railroaded those plans.

“COVID has greatly impacted us and the plans that we had for events this year, we wanted to get the attention of students on campus to extend the family that I had already mentioned,” McVey said. “If COVID-19 hadn’t hit us, we would usually be hosting fun events for students on campus to come and have a good time learning from other students. Now, my roommates and I spend time together and plan events to host online and other events we hope to have in person.”

Even though the pandemic has affected many plans for the WGRC, however, they still have plans going forward this year to get noticed.

“I would have to say that our biggest plan and goal is to get other people to notice that we do exist, for the future of the house and even for next semester, we want students to be more involved with our events,” McVey said.

McVey and WGRC are currently planning events for next semester and is hosting an event Wednesday, Sept. 30, via Zoom.