Fun things to do with an extra day of February

by Seth Howard, Staff Reporter

Leap year means one extra day of February, which also means people born on Feb. 29 finally get to celebrate their birthday. Feb. 29 falls on a Saturday, so take complete advantage of that extra day by trying one of these fun activities:



1. Do something you wouldn’t normally do.

It is a perfect opportunity to do something that you wouldn’t have done being that we get an extra day.


2. Take a day to chill out.

You have been working very hard this semester, so take this time to let your body relax for a day.


3. Google facts about leap year.

Did you know Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker Erik Kendricks was born on leap day?


4. Learn a new skill.

We have an extra day to do something random, so take the opportunity to learn a skill that you can use later. 


5. Take pictures in Buxton Park

It’s nice this time of year. Sometimes. You know how the weather can be. 


6. Make some food.

An extra day = an extra day of calories.


7. Find someone born on a leap year and wish them a happy birthday.

Maybe send them a birthday card.


8. Go to Sky Zone and leap around.

Get it?


9. Do homework 

Use that extra day of February to finish the homework you had over the weekend so you don’t have to do anything on the first day of March.


10. Go somewhere random in Iowa

There has to be someplace in Iowa you haven’t been before. Use that extra day to go to that random place.