Ask Millie: Lost Lilly


Dear Millie,

My best friend from high school and I have been distant lately. We used to be super close but ever since we went to different colleges, we haven’t been as close. I rarely get to see her anymore.

When we were little we would share all our secrets with each other. We were inseparable. Now it’s hard to find things in common with her. We seem to argue moreover silly things and she isn’t as fun to hang around with anymore.

I love my friend but I feel like it’s not working anymore. I don’t know if I should let our friendship go or continue trying to make work.


Lost Lilly


Dear Lost Lilly,

During college, people tend to change a lot and grow apart from their old friends. While you may have been close with your friend before college you both have had to grow up.

It may be time to put some distance between you and your friend. Spending less time with her and more time with your other friends may help determine if you still value her friendship. Do you feel happier when you spend time with other people?

I know it’s hard to leave friendships that you thought were going to last a lifetime, but remember there are so many amazing people at Simpson. I’m sure you could find a friend that you have just as much in common with.

Life is constantly changing and it’s important to embrace it and not let the past tie you down. 

Yours Truly,