Homecoming just around the corner


by Ann Haakonson, Staff Reporter

Homecoming week is starting next week with activities like street painting, the medallion hunt and the color fight.

Street painting is going on all week, starting on Oct. 14. In this event different clubs and organizations are able to show their school spirit by painting a section of the angled parking lot by Picken and Buxton residence halls. This gives students a chance to express their creativity as they design their art work around this years homecoming theme. 

The medallion hunt is happening again this year. The medallion hunt is a tradition where a member of Campus Activities Board hide a small medallion somewhere on campus. No one knows where it is, except for a select few who are tasked with giving vague hints. The student that finds the medallion will win a $250 prize.

“The medallion hunt always gets people excited,” former CAB president Molly Fisher said. “A lot of people actually take part in it. People are frustrated with the clues that we have because they’re always so vague. It’s pretty enjoyable for us to see that frustration they have just because we know where it’s at and nobody else does.”

“The other homecoming co-chairs had this idea called the color fight,” Fisher said. “That’s something that is new and hopefully will draw enough people’s interests to come out and try it.”

The color fight will be happening on Wednesday, Oct. 16. This will be a team event where everyone will be given a sock filled with colorful powder. People will try to get everyone else out by hitting them with their sock. The sock does need to be thrown in order for it to count as getting someone out.

Yell Like Hell is on Friday, Oct. 18 in Cowles Fieldhouse at 8 p.m. Each team will be given three to five minutes to complete their stomp routine. No singing or music is allowed.

“My favorite thing is Yell Like Hell. I love being able to see everybody’s excitement and just letting go of all of the stress and the academic side of Simpson and just really enjoying Simpson for what it is,” Fisher said.

After Yell Like Hell, there is Dance Like Hell, which goes from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. in Black Box in Kent. This is a dance for anyone who wishes to participate, and it includes fog machines, laser lights and loud music.

Wrapping it all up on Saturday is the homecoming football game against Wartburg. Students get into the game for free.