Poms in the air, the season is here


by Bailey Earls, Staff Reporter

A new year for the Simpson College cheer team has presented new opportunities. The team is ready to take the season head on. 

There are 25 members on the team this year. This compared to the 20 members they had in the past years. The increase in members allows them to participate in different areas of competition cheer.

“The team is really strong this year,” sophomore Lani Cruse said. “We work really well together and always have a lot of fun. We have Yell Like Hell coming up in two weeks for homecoming. The team has worked really hard on our routine and everyone will enjoy it.”

They will be performing a cheer routine and then go into a dance and stunt portion.

“We perform in front of elderly alumni of Simpson on the morning of the Simpson homecoming game,” junior Natalie Holben said. 

Along with supporting Simpson team, they support the community as well. 

When they are not cheering on the teams or practicing, they participate in Meals for the Heartland and Race for the Cure. They also provide clinics to inspire youth cheerleaders and give them an opportunity to support the Simpson Storm.

Yell Like Hell is a Simpson pep rally held the night before the homecoming game. This year, it will be Oct. 18 at 8:30 p.m. 

Show your support and catch the Simpson Cheer team’s performance.

“We really love it when the student section turns out, and this year we have had a really great student section. We really appreciate that, and if people would keep turning out we would really love it,” Holben said. 

The team will be competing in the American Rivers Conference cheer competition later this year. They will not begin practicing for the competition until after the football season is over. 

This year has been off to a great start for the cheer team. Watch for them at the next Simpson football game on Oct. 19.