Senior Spotlight- Baillee Furst


by Madison DePover, Video Editor

Q: What are your majors and minors?

A: I am majoring in public relations and English with a minor in political science. 


Q: Where is your hometown and where did you go to high school?

A: I am from Boone, Iowa and went to high school there as well. 


Q: Why did you choose Simpson?

A: I chose Simpson because I enjoyed the campus environment. Also, because I was really looking forward to all the opportunities I saw with my majors and within the speech and debate team and softball. 


Q: Who are some professors in or outside your major during your time at Simpson who influenced you?

A: I would definitely say my advisors, Brian Steffen, and CoryAnne Harrigan, they helped me a lot. They are always a resource I can go to, to talk just about anything. Along with that Laurie Dufoe in Career Development has been a really big help. She is my work study boss and she was the first person I met at Simpson, faculty wise. She has always been a really reliable source for me to go to whenever I needed help with anything. 


Q: What were some of the activities you participate in?

A: I am the student coach for the softball team, the firm director for C Street Agency, president of PRSSA and I am in Omicron Delta Kappa. 


Q:  What’s one of your favorite memories from your time at Simpson? 

A: My sophomore year I got to go to Boston for a PRSSA conference, and that was just a really awesome opportunity. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go. Which was the icing on the cake to the conference itself, which was super beneficial and really instilled my passion for public relations as a major. Of course, homecoming and stand around and everything on campus too. It is hard to pick one. 


Q: If you were a Pop-Tart what flavor would you be?

A: I don’t eat Poptarts, but is there a vanilla Pop-Tart because I would probably be the most boring and plain, that would be it. 


Q:  What are your plans for after Simpson?

A: I don’t really know right now. I am looking at jobs in public relations and marketing — that sort of field around the Des Moines area. I am applying to some graduate schools as well just to see. But hopefully staying around the Des Moines area for a while at least. Maybe moving up to Minneapolis or Boston in the future. 


Q: If you had any advice to give to what would it be?

A: Talk to your professors. When they tell you they have office hours, take them up on that. It is really important to make connections, even if they are not in your major, even if you don’t take a class with them again. Especially later in the semester if you need anything, like if you need a little boost from a B+ to an A-. It really helps if you have spoken to your professor before the end of the semester.