Athletics helps first-years find their home on campus

Graphic designed by Coby Berg.

Graphic designed by Coby Berg.

by Kimberly Roberts, Staff Reporter

Heading off to college can be hard for anyone, but thanks to athletics, the transition for some first-years has been easier than expected. 

Cassie Nash and Endea Smith are both first-years and members of the women’s basketball team. They both chose Simpson to play basketball and met through their Class of 2023 Facebook group. 

Nash comes from Lincoln, Nebraska and Smith from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Being on the women’s basketball team has helped with their transition to Simpson.

“I recommend joining a sport for a family,” Smith stated. She credits the women’s basketball team for helping her with this transition and looks forward to basketball season and meeting new people.

The women’s basketball team isn’t the only sport that has helped first-year students with their transition to Simpson. Abby Cozzoni, a member of the women’s soccer team from Wentzville, Missouri, says her teammates have become her best friends. 

“I’ve met all of my best friends there and I have such a great time with all of them,” Cozzoni said.

College is the perfect time to meet new people. Students say the people you meet these first couple weeks become your best friends and your support while away from your family.

“Everyone wants you to do your best,” Smith said. “I have found people that are like me and differ from me in a good way.”

From the moment students arrive on campus, the welcome week activities begin. First-years had a variety of activities planned to welcome them to campus and get to know their SC101 class. 

“Welcome week has been a lot, and super busy, but it’s nice to get to know everyone on campus,” Nash said. 

Just like any student on campus the idea of leaving friends and family back home can make moving to Simpson hard. Cozzoni mentioned food has been a major change.

“I’m going to miss the home cooked meals especially steak and potatoes,” Cozzoni said. 

But keeping busy on campus has allowed students to keep their minds on their new life at college.

“The first few days were rough but then after that, it’s been great,” Cozzoni said.

Nash and Smith offered some advice about being away from home after completing their first week.

“Don’t stress about it. There is always activities going on,” Nash said.

“Be open to meeting new people and don’t stress about being home sick,” Smith said. “You become family with the people you meet.”

The Class of 2023 may be one of the smallest first-year classes but the size doesn’t stop the representation. Sixteen states are represented by the class with 91 first-generation students and 22 students with alumni ties to Simpson.