Simpson College students travel around the world


Students study in London for a semester.

by Madison DePover, Staff Reporter

As a group of Simpson College students head to London, England to study abroad this semester, you may be missing some familiar faces on campus. 

At Simpson there is a unique opportunity to study abroad with other students lead by a professor. Director of International Education Jay Wilkinson works closely with students and professors before, and while, abroad. 

“On average, a typical faculty-led, semester long program has about eight students going whereas a May Term international travel courses tend to average more like 12-18 students,” said Wilkinson.

Leading the experience this year is Mark Siebert, Assistant Professor of Multimedia Communications and Director of Simpson Student Media. Two of the students studying abroad are Ty Duve, a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in interactive media and Carter Stacey, a junior English major and women and gender studies minor. 

Being away for a whole semester is an adjustment.

“I honestly haven’t really gotten nervous yet,” said Duve. “I know I’m going to miss my family because I’m used to seeing them at least once a week, but I know I’m going to have so much fun. It’ll probably be different once I get there.” 

With cultural difference also comes food differences.

“I’m going to miss peanut butter the most,” said Stacey. “Though I might cheat and order some from Amazon.”

Studying abroad comes with many new things.

“I can’t wait to meet all the new people from all over the world,” said Duve.  “I love learning about different cultures and how they do things differently from us in the United States.”

Before leaving, research is an important step in the process.

“I’ve done some research about the historical London and temporary London as well as researching Europe for potential travel opportunities,” said Stacey. 

After the research, comes planning.

“I plan on going to Germany, Ireland, Belgium and hopefully Prague,” Duve said. 

Knowing what someone wants to see is one way to plan where to travel. 

“I’m excited to see everything. I love museums and tourist sites,” said Stacey. “I also can’t wait to discover some less touristy areas.”

“If you are thinking about studying abroad, go for it. I have talked with lots of students and lots of alumni over the years, and I have yet to hear a student say that they regretted studying abroad. But, I often hear alumni who didn’t study abroad say that they regret that they did not,” said Wilkinson. 

“If costs are a factor, students should know that there are both scholarships and loans available to help cover the expenses of studying abroad,” Wilkinson said. “Also, I’m very happy to meet, talk, or email with students who are interested in studying abroad but don’t know when, where or how.”

To learn more about all the different opportunities that Simpson College has to study abroad attend the Study Abroad fair on Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.