9 Tips for Every Freshman on Campus

by Devon Wood, Staff Reporter

Here are some great tips for living, surviving, and thriving at Simpson College.

1. Try a lot of new things… But not too many.

Seriously. Try as many new things that you can while you are here. You don’t have to join every club but you might find out you really like some of them. If you sign up for EVERYTHING you may become overloaded. Remember, you will be here for four years and you don’t have to do it all as a freshman.

2. Go to office hours

Office hours are there for YOU. They supplement YOUR in class time. If you have a commitment (class) during those hours then send the professor an email saying so and ask if there is another time you could get together. You won’t regret it.

3. Get to know your professors.

Speaking of office hours. You chose a school with a very small faculty to student ratio for a reason and now it’s time to take advantage of that. Your professors are people, you are also people, and look at that common ground already.

4. Stay organized.

Every student has to stay organized. Due dates, activities, clubs, and class. No matter how good your memory is make sure to keep a schedule. On your phone/computer, in a written planner, and on the refrigerator are all acceptable places to put a calendar. Just make sure you use it.

5. Be smart with money.

Maybe you have saved up some money from your summer job, mom and dad gave you a little for graduation, or maybe you have a part time job while taking classes. Be smart with money. Eating out might sound better than Kent for lunch everyday, but if you don’t use those dining dollars then that is money down the drain. Also take advantage of other deals on campus like the workout center.

6. It’s never too early to get ahead.

Do a job shadow, get an internship or a job in your desired field. No clue on a major? Look through hiring sites and see what employers are looking for. You could find a new interest and maybe even make some money doing it.

7. Don’t feel pressured to know your major already.

Refer to number 6 and get out to explore other career paths. If you think you know for sure go try something you think isn’t for you to reassure yourself. If you don’t have a clue the best thing for you is to start eliminating things so try it out!

8. Get off campus.

Walk down to the square, or drive out to Lake Ahquabi. Des Moines is only 30 minutes away. Take an afternoon away to clear your head. You don’t have to go far to see different scenery in Indianola. Sometimes a nice afternoon away from your dorm or Netflix is just what you need.

9. For goodness’ sake, do your laundry!

Your parents aren’t here to say it so someone should.