Ask Millie: Roommate Blues


Dear Millie,

I have lived with my roommate for two years and we get along well, but with planning for housing next year, things are a little tense. She wants to live in Hamilton, and I want to live in Station Square. Station Square is closer to Wallace and the music building, where I have most of my classes. She doesn’t want to talk about a compromise or anything. How can we talk about this?


Roommate Blues


Dear Roommate Blues,

It can be difficult to talk about placement for living on campus with roommates, especially if you have different classes in separate buildings.

Both opinions are valid and understandable. You both want to live where it is most beneficial to you, but since there is no perfect building to live in on campus, you’ll need to talk to each other.

It is necessary to have this discussion with your roommate, especially if you’re wanting to live together next year.

One idea you could consider is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in the different buildings.

Station Square has a large living space. However, it is a dry building and has 24-hour quiet hours.

Hamilton is a bit farther from the center of campus, but alcohol is permitted for those over 21.

These are things you might consider if you are hoping to live in either of these locations. You could also consider living in a separate location that is not either of your first choices.

Think about what matters most to you and which things you would be willing to miss out on.

Talk to your community advisor if you are wanting a mediated discussion as it is in your best interest to understand where your roommate is coming from.

If the two of you are unable to solve your differences, you could decide to live with different people next year and preserve your current friendship.

Regardless of your thoughts on living situations next year, it is important to share your thoughts with each other.


Yours truly,