Eight things that need to stay behind in 2018


Courtesy of Creative Commons

by Devon Wood, Staff writer

We’ve all started a new chapter in our lives with the New Year. While many of us are making resolutions and struggling to keep them, there are several things that should stay behind us. Whether you are trying to start a new workout routine or just update your wardrobe, these eight things to cut out of your life are sure to make a big impact on your 2019.

1. Flannels with everything.

Going on a date? Wear a flannel. Going to the store? Throw on a flannel. If you aren’t a lumberjack, it may be time to broaden your wardrobe. We love the comfort of a good flannel, and they are incredibly versatile. But flannels are out. Maybe try a denim or leather jacket which are just as versatile but remind us less of a log cabin in the woods.

2. Using too many hashtags.

You’ve probably seen those posts on social media of a person doing an activity such as playing with their dog and the caption reads “Cutest dog on the internet. #mydog #dogsofinstagram #cutepup #puppy #fetch #mrsnuggles #lovehim #cute #woof.”  The description goes on an on. If a picture is worth a thousand words, does it really need a hundred hashtags to describe the activity we already see in the photo? Pick a few favorites and stick to it. You don’t need them all to promote your #brand.

3. “Ghosting” people.

In a world where we have endless platforms to communicate with our family and friends, there is no reason to randomly drop someone from your life with no explanation. Maybe you had a date that just isn’t going to work out, but you hate conflict. Grow up, and tell them how you feel. Text them a quick: “I had fun but I think I’m going to keep looking.” They will respect you more even if they dislike the outcome.

4. Saying you don’t have time.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Some people have a job or kids, and maybe they get less personal time. If you truly want to be dedicated to something like that new workout routine, you will find time for it. Try saying, “I’m prioritizing Activity A over Activity B. Being honest with yourself will make you happier all around.

5. Not getting enough sleep.

According to WebMD, the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep. At the very least, get on a regular sleep schedule. Being well rested affects productivity in every aspect of your life. It could be the difference in writing that paper a little faster and recalling information in class easier for that big test. Your body will thank you for it.

6. Clothes with holes or stains.

Sure, that Simpson sweatshirt you bought on your visit day to campus has been with you through thick and thin. It saw you through that breakup with your high school sweetheart. Somewhere between Pfeiffer and Intramural soccer, you have a hot sauce stain on the front and a hole on the sleeve. Nothing like repping your school pride but even small stains and tears can make anything look unflattering. Maybe save that ratty old thing for Netflix bingeing in your apartment and invest in something a little less worn.

7. Fortnite.

The game is awful. There are far better first-person shooter games that have better teamwork opportunities. Try something like Call of Duty that at least provides you with some historical background and intellectual reward. Fortnite is for children, and it needs to stay in the past.

8. Caring what others think about you.

The most important thing to leave behind this year is worrying about whether your friends, roommate, or classroom crush think about you. If it’s a new style you want to try or bringing back something vintage, you should give it a try. If you like to play Madden on your day off but your best friend would prefer to go on a hike, that’s great. Having your own hobbies that make you happy is most important, and you might just meet some new friends that enjoy the same.