Top 5 places students like to study on campus


Photo submitted by Tanner Krueger

by Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Completing homework assignments can take hours. Simpson has multiple places to sit down and crack open a textbook. Each spot serves a different purpose, and it’s important students find the right spot that meets their specific needs. If you’re a student struggling to find the perfect spot for you, check out the top five places students like to study on campus.

1. Dorm Rooms

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Students who prefer the comfort of their own space should try studying in their own room.

Sophomore social justice major Ling Rudicil said studying in her room helps her focus. When students choose to study in their room they can have control over their environment.

“I like to be alone in a quiet room by myself with no distractions,” Rudicil said.

Or students who prefer to listen to music out loud or watch Netflix while they study, may prefer to do so in the comfort of their own room.

2. Dunn Library

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If students still crave a quiet environment, but can’t focus in their own room, they are encouraged to try studying in the library. The library has a variety of options for students when picking the perfect place to study.

Dunn Library has three floors, each with different seating areas. Students can choose between a normal desk chair or a comfy couch. The library is also a great space to work on group projects as some tables can seat up to eight people. It also has private classrooms on the third floor with white boards available for use.

3. Kent Campus Center

Photo by Coby Berg/The Simpsonian

Students who struggle to study in extremely quiet and isolated environments could study in Kent. Sophomore Kaitlyn Kottlowski said she likes to study in Kent.

“You can study by yourself, but there are still people around,” she said.

Having constant noise around can keep students alert and awake.

“It also helps that I’m by food,” Kottlowski added.

Studying in Kent can help remind students to take a break from their school work, recharge, and refuel their bodies.

4. Residence Hall Lounges

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Residence hall lounges are not just for fun and games—they’re also a great place to get homework done. During the day, while some students are still in class, is a perfect time to go into a lounge and study hard. Most lounges have a TV available for use if students want some extra background noise. They’re also group project and snack friendly.

5. Campus Buildings

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Studying for test in the same room where the test will be taken can help with memorization. It is not unusual for students to stay and study in buildings such as the Carver Science Center.

“I like working in Carver because there’s lots of room to study and spread out. It also has a computer lab with a color printer,” said senior psychology major Emilie Hulse.

Studying in a campus building has several other benefits such as being close to professors offices and it’s relatively a quiet environment. Students are more likely to see other students from their classes in certain buildings. This allows students the opportunity to ask for help if they needed it and work collaboratively.